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  • CLG series (φ32cm,φ40cm)
  • CLG-32L/LDVP(54L), CLG-40M/MDVP(85L), CLG-40L/LDVP(105L)
  • CL series (φ32cm,φ40cm)
  • CL-32S/SDP(34L), CL-32L/LDP(54L), CL-40S/SDP(60L), CL-40M/MDP(85L),
  • CL-40L/LDP(105L)
  • TR series
  • TR-24S(10L), TR-24LA/LB(20L)
  • MC series (φ23cm,φ30cm,φ40cm)
  • MC-23/DP(20L), MC-30S/SDP(32L), MC-30L/LDP(45L), MC-40/DP(82L), MC-40L/LDP(105L)
  • MC-3032 series (φ30cm)
  • MC-3032L(45L)
  • MCY series (φ40cm)
  • MCY-40/-40DP(82L), MCY-40L/-40LDP(105L)
  • KT-40 series (φ40cm)
  • KT-40S/SD(62L), KT-40/D(82L), KT-40L/LD(105L)
  • KT series (φ23cm,φ30cm)
  • KT-23/DP(20L), KT-30S/DP(32L), KT-30L/LDP(45L), KT-40S/SDP(62L), KT-40/40DP(82L),
  • KT-40L/40LDP
  • Personal Autoclave (φ23cm,φ30cm)
  • KT-2322(10L), KT-2346(20L), KT-3022(16L), KT-3045(32L), KT-3065(45L)
  • KY series (φ23cm)
  • KY-23(20L), KY-23D(20L)
  • Optional accessories




CLG series

CL series

TR series

MC series

MC-3032 series

MCY series

KT-40 series

KT series

Personal Autoclave

KY series


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