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Bioneer Corporation

Bioneer, an innovative biotech company since 1992

Healthier Future for Humanity with Genomic Technology. Bioneer was the first Korean biotechnology company when it was established in 1992. The company has developed state of art molecular biology products and technologies including oligonucleotides, thermostable polymerases, and instruments of gene manipulation (automatic nucleic acid extractor, thermal cycler, real-time QPCR instruments and DNA sequencer). From its inception, Bioneer has invested in the integration of recombinant DNA technology, fermentation, biochemistry and nucleic acid chemistry in addition to mechanics, photonics and electronics. The company is positioned to fully-integrate its capability to develop next generation technologies in the post-genome era through the invention of new biochemistry and instruments. Bioneer now runs two production and research facilities in Korea which are a total of 226,000 square feet.


AccuPower® PCR PreMix from Bioneer

PCR Master Mixes for Standard, HotStart and High Fidelity PCR as well as Reverse Transcription (cDNA amplification), RT-PCR and Ligation!

AccuPower® PreMix series is an innovative PCR master mix product range designed to make your PCR, reverse transcription (cDNA amplification) and RT-PCR experiments easier and more cost effective than ever. With a wide range of applications and unparalleled ease of use and stability, AccuPower® PreMix PCR master mix series will be an important addition to your collection of research tools.

Each tube or plate you order has all the components of a PCR master mix (enzyme, buffer, dNTPs) lyophilized with a patented stabilizer that maintains full activity for over one month at room temperature, and two years in the freezer. Simply add your primers and template – and never make a dNTP or PCR enzyme stock solution again!

AccuPower®’s unique stabilizer maintains full PCR enzyme activity for over a month at room temperature, and over two years in a -20°C freezer. In addition, reaction stability is maintained at 95°C for up to 3 times longer than Taq DNA polymerase, making it an ideal enzyme for amplifying G:C rich DNA at temperatures above 50°C.

AccuPower® PreMix PCR master mix is available with or without loading dye. When loading dye is present you can load it directly into your gel after PCR – no glycerol or glucose is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast: Just add primer and template
  • Convenient: No more dNTP or enzyme stock solutions
  • Flexible: Available in tubes (0.2 or 0.5 ml) or plates (96 or 384 well)
  • Stable: For 2 years in the freezer, and one month at room temperature
  • Customizable: Available with primers already added for even greater convenience
  • Gel loading : Available with or without a tracking dye for ease of use

DNA/RNA Extraction & Purification Kits from Bioneer

Bioneer has 5 types of nucleic acid extraction product lines from manual kits to automated platforms.

When used with ExiProgen™ (KOR: 10-2011-0085824)/ ExiPrep™ 16 Plus (KOR: 10-1025135), the ExiPrep™ DNA/ RNA Extraction Kit can automatically extract high quality nucleic acids from various sample types including blood, animal tissue, cell cultures and plat tissues. This product uses a ‘Pre-Loaded Buffer Cartridge System’ which provides user convenience and reproducibility by loading all necessary reagents within the kit. The pre-installed protocols are optimized for sample and target nucleic acid type to provide robust results run after run. The silica magnetic particles used in the product have high DNA/RNA binding capacity and were developed using in-house nanoparticle R&D expertise (KOR: 10-1053023).

The AccuPrep® DNA/ RNA Extraction Kit is Bioneer’s version of the most popular nucleic acid extraction product type which uses a single spin column with glass micro fiber filters. Bioneer provides various products for high-purity and high-yield Genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA, Viral RNA or fragment DNA. TheAccuPrep® Nano-Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit uses Bioneer’s proprietary cell fragment and protein removal technology (KOR: 10-085043, Nucleic acid separation method and nucleic acid separation mixture using particle material) to reduce plasmid DNA prep time from the usual 30 minutes to a revolutionary 10 minutes. The nano-particles contained within the product form a complex with cellular debris, denatured proteins and chromosomal DNA to form a clear lysate that contains only plasmid DNA within just 1 minute (compared to the traditional 10 minutes), shortening the entire process to a mere 10 minutes.

The AccuPrep® DNA Extraction Kit for 96 well vacuum manifold is designed for high-throughput DNA extraction. The 96-well plate format kit is attached to a vacuum manifold (BioVac™ 96 vacuum manifold) to extract and purify DNA from up to 96 samples simultaneously.

The AccuPrep® Quick DNA Kit enables you to extract PCR-grade genomic DNA by incubation in a single tube. The product is based on Bioneer’s proprietary cell fragment and protein removal technology (KOR: 10-085043, Nucleic acid separation method and nucleic acid separation mixture using particle material) to extract genomic DNA from samples such as mouse or rat tail tips without the complex workflow commonly associated with this type of extraction.

The final product groups are the PrepMate products and AccuZol products which use the traditional organic solvent DNA/RNA extraction methods. These products contain phenol and chaotrotic salts to stop the activity of various nucleases and extract high-quality nucleic acids. These products are especially suitable for large input volumes or a manual workflow.




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