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Cavallo srl

Since 1950 Cavallo family company has been playing an active part in scientific research with Made in Italy production.

During over sixty years, thanks to experience handed down from father to son and precious cooperation of customers, Cavallo took part in realization of many research projects:
Hemodyalizer (1948 the first one in Italy), Athletes Testing Machine (1960 Olympic Games), Alpine and Tropical Greenhouses, Micropropagation Study Laboratories (from 1975 on).

Nowadays Cavallo’s third generation, keeps on producing with the new Stability Test Chambers and other instruments for Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries as well as servicing and maintenance taking the best care of customer as their top aim.


  • Air Incubator
    • Air Incubator C4TE C5TE
    • Air Incubator C2TE C3TE
  • Refrigerated incubator
    • Refrigerated Incubator C4TA C5TA
    • Refrigerated Incubator with cavity chamber
    • Refrigerated Incubator C2TA with UV Lamp
    • Refrigerated Incubator C2TA C3TA
    • Refrigerated Incubator 1400 FTX
    • Refrigerated Incubator 1400FTX 4T
    • Refrigerated Incubator 700 FTX 2T
    • Refrigerated Incubator 450FTX 700FTX
  • Shaker
    • Shaker Incubator C3TAL-S
  • Stability Test Chamber
    • Stability Test Chamber CTAO
    • Stability Test Chamber 1700CFU
    • Stability Test Chamber 900CFUD
  • Waterbath
    • Waterbath 3085-80
    • Shaking Waterbath Dubnoff
    • Waterbath
  • Climatic Test Chamber
    • Walk-In Climatic Test Chamber
    • Planth Growth Chamber 1700CFLU
    • Climatic Test Chamber
    • Refrigerated Incubator C4TALU
    • Climatic Test Chamber 700CFLU
  • Blood Line
    • Plasma Thawers
    • Platelet Incubator RTB4300 RTB4050-10
    • Platelet Incubator RTB2100
    • Platelet Shaker RTB 5040-5
    • Bag heating for Dialysis Centres
  • Refrigeration
    • Refrigerated Air Cabinet PF1400TN
    • Refrigerated Air Cabinet PF700TN
    • Refrigerated Cabinet 1400SC
    • Refrigerator-Freezer CA700TN/BT
    • Refrigerated Cabinet 700SC
  • Steriliser Oven
    • Sterilising Oven Big Capacity
    • Glassware Dryer
    • Sterilizing Drying Oven C4 C5
    • terilizing Drying Oven C2 C3




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