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Eyela Tokyo Rikakikai Co. Ltd.

EYELA is firmly committed to contributing to the world of tomorrow by developing innovative scientific technology and products which are to be linked to the future world of science.
As a company reputed for their innovative & creative activity, EYELA passes human resources, scientific technology and products on to the next generation.
Scientific research and development in modern technology has always been the field EYELA is active. By supplying R&D supporting tools, EYELA contributes to creating a sustainable and reliable society.



Rotary Evaporator

  • 1L Rotary Evaporator N-1200B series
  • 1L Rotary Evaporator N-1110 series
  • Small Rotary Evaporator SE-1000
  • 2L & 5L Rotary Evaporator N-2100 series
  • Condensation Unit ECC-1000A
  • 10L Rotary Evaporator N-3010 series
  • 20L Rotary Evaporator N-4000
  • 20L-100L Rotary Evaporator N21・51・101 series
  • EYELA Genuin glass & parts
  • Centrifugal Evaporator CVE series
  • Thin Film Evaporator MF & F series
  • Vortex Evaporator VTX series
  • Gas Blowing Concentrator MGS
  • Test Tube Evaporator TVE-1100A・B
  • Vacuum Controller NVC series
  • Solvent Recovery Unit DPE series

    Organic Synthesizer



  • Dry Aluminum Block Bath with stirrer SynFlex
  • ChemiStation PPS series
  • ChemiStation PPV series
  • Zodiac CCX series
  • Process Reactor
  • Microwave Synthesizer
  • Compact Stirrer CPS-1000
  • Constant Temp. Bath with Magnetic Stirrer
  • Portable Multi Logger ZR-RX25

    Low Temperature Circulator & Cold Trap


  • Cool Ace CA/CCA & Cool Ace Eco CAE/NCC Series
  • Immersion Cooler・Cold Tra



  • Dry Block Bath MG 1200・2200・2300
  • Pressured Gas Blowing Concentrator MGS-2200
  • Conventional Water Bath NTT series
  • Programmable Precision Bath NTB-221
  • Oil Bath OSB・OHB series for rotary evaporator
  • Water Bath SB series for rotary evaporator
  • Low temp. Bath NCB series
  • Constant temp. Bath with magnetic stirrer PS・PSL Series
  • PSL-2500A・B

    Oven & Electric Furnace


  • Laboratory Glassware Dryer AWO-1000
  • Low Temp. Dry Oven LWO
  • Convection Oven NDO Series
  • Forced Air Flow Oven WFO Series
  • Inert gas oven/ Dust free oven DRC/DRJ Series
  • Vacuum Oven VOS/VOM/PVO Series
  • Electric Furnace KDF Series



  • Conventional Incubator SLI series
  • Low temp. Incubator LTI series
  • Illuminated Incubator FLI series
  • Environmental Chamber KCL-2000A・2000W
  • Light Stability Testing Device LST-2000
  • Multi Thermo Incubator MTI

    Shaaker & Stirrer


  • Water Bath Shaker NTS-4000 series
  • Multi Shaker MMS-410・4010・310・3010
  • Multi Shaker MMS-110・210・510・5010
  • Testing Shaker MMS-3011
  • Incubate Shaker MMS-1
  • Constant Temp. Chamber for shaker FMC・FMS series
  • Multi Funnel Shaker MMV-1000W
  • Options for shaker
  • Stirrer MAZELA series
  • Optional accessories for MAZELA
  • Stirrer B series
  • Mixing Torque Meter ST-3000 Ⅱ
  • Magnetic Stirrer RC/RCN・RCX・RCH series

    Freezer & Spray Dryer


  • Freeze Dryer FD/FDU Series
  • Spray Dryer SD-1000

    Pump & Aspirator


  • Diaphragm Vacuum Pump DTC・DTU/EVP series
  • Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump GLD/GCD series
  • Peristaltic Pump MP/SMP/NRP series
  • Aspirator A-1000S for rotary evaporator
  • Cooling Aspirator A-1115AS














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