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Koehler Instrument Company is more than a technical instrument manufacturer. We are committed to providing you with full support for your laboratory testing needs. Our extensive range of support services is brought to you by our staff of technically knowledgeable, trained specialists who are experienced in testing petroleum products and servicing instrumentation. We take care of you through the whole process… before and after your purchase from Koehler.


Fuel and Oil Material Testing Appratus

  • KLA-6 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency Analyzer (FPT)
  • K10400 Oxidation Stability of Fuels, Liquid Baths
  • K10401 Oxidation Stability of Fuels, Solid Block Baths
  • K10500 Oxidation Pressure Vessel for ASTM D525
  • K10504 Oxidata™ Data Acquisition Software Package
  • K10600 Fuel Storage Stability Vessel for ASTM D5304
  • K33700 Existent Gum Evaporation Bath & Data Acquisition Software
  • K33850 Existent Gum Steam Generator
  • K32230 Dew Point Apparatus
  • K39900 LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Water Bath
  • K40000 LPG Copper Strip Corrosion Test Cylinder
  • K25310 Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb Bath
  • K25200 Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb
  • K25330 Copper Strip Corrosion Test Tube Bath
  • K25319 Silver Strip Corrosion Test Tube Bath
  • K11450 Reid Vapor Pressure Bath, 4-Unit
  • K11415 Reid Vapor Pressure Bath, 21-Unit
  • K11401 Reid Vapor Pressure Data Acquisition System
  • K11201 / K11500 Reid Vapor Pressure Cylinders
  • 311-250-001 Reid Vapor Pressure Gauges
  • K29760 Wax Appearance Point Apparatus
  • K27000 Smoke Point Lamp
  • K29790 Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels
  • KLA-5 Automatic Freezing Point System
  • K30160NACE Rust Preventing Characteristics Oil Bath
  • K45950 Cold Filter Plugging Point Bath
  • KLA-4 Automatic Cold Filter Plugging Point System
  • K88600 Portable Octane & Cetane Analyzer
  • K25900 Constant Temp Pressure Hydrometer Water Bath
  • K26150 Pressure Hydrometer Cylinder
  • K41506 Fluorescent Indicator Absorption Apparatus
  • K48100 Volatility and Residues in Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases



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