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Metkon Instruments


Sample preparation starts with cutting and good cutting means a good start. Selecting the right cut-off wheel ensures freedom from burn and distortion and is the best way to save time and consumables. Correct cutting produce specimens which are in perfect condition for the next preparation steps.


After cutting the specimen, the next step is mounting. The aim of mounting is to handle small or odd shaped specimens and to protect fragile materials, thin layers or coating during preparation as well as to provide good edge retention. Mounting produces specimens with uniform size so that it is easier to handle in automatic holders for further preparation steps.
Basically, two methods are available:
• Hot Mounting
• Cold Mounting
In hot mounting, the specimen is mounted under heat and pressure with a hot mounting press.
Cold mounting is preferred for samples which are sensitive to damage from heat and pressure (like coatings, PCB, etc.) Cold mounting resins are easy to use and require mixing which is then poured into a mould and allowed to set.

Grinding & Polishing

In order to obtain a highly reflective surface that is free from scratches and deformation, the specimens must be carefully grinded and polished before they can be examined under the microscope. Metkon offers high quality instruments and consumables for achieving this goal.

Microscopy & Hardness Testing

The Light Optical Microscope is the most important tool for the study of microstructures. All examinations of microstructure begins with use of the light microscope, starting at low magnification, followed by progressively higher magnifications for efficient assessment of the basic characteristics of the microstructure.
Most microstructures can be observed with the light microscope and identified based in their characteristics.


A complete range of instruments for petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece of rock and finishing at 20 microns…
This exciting product range offers you the latest in technology and functional design to provide high levels of performance in preparation of minerological samples and thin section specimens.
For minerological specimens, the surface is prepared for examination with a reflected light microscope and the preparation procedure is basically similar to the preparation of metallographic specimens.
Preparing thin sections, on the other hand, requires highly specialized equipment and skills because the specimen is extremely thin, generally around 20 microns for observations with transmitted light microscope.

Sample Preparation for Spectroscopy

Sample preparation of metals and materials have become more and more important because of the rapid development and improvement of both software as well as OES and XRF-devices during the past few years that shifts the detection limit for trace analyses. It is crucial to have the sample properly prepared.
The sample needs to be both representative, homogeneous and with an even surface in order to eliminate factors that can influence the results.
For the preparation of solid metal samples METKON offers manual and automatic sample preparation machines – from the small table-top disc surface grinder to automatic milling machine. With METKON Sample Preparation Machines, you feel yourself ready for the analysis.
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